Ego 510 Fitting Adapter Converter Connector Fitting for Atomizer and Mod

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510 Battery to eGo Atomizer Adapter

EGO threaded connection to EGO Cartomizer / Atomizer Adapter. Bottom end only has EGO outer threads, not 510 inside threads. 510 EGO atomizer connection on the other end.

This adapter is essential when connecting a standard eGo-style tank to a battery set or mechanical mod with a 510 connector. This listing is for a single adapter - check our other listings for multipacks!

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Length: 15mm
  • Diameter: 12mm 
  • Besides its application as a simple adapter between different connectors, this adapter can also be used as an extender for adding a little extra space between a mod and tank with either eGo or 510 connectors or to help make a better connection in situations where two otherwise compatible connectors fail to make a solid connection.

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