Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) Nautilus Replacement Coils Per Box Genuine Aspire (Pack of 5)

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The Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer technology is designed to last longer while giving users the purest and cleanest taste.

Replacement coils that are exclusively made for the Aspire Nautilus tank systems. The unique coils that produce rich flavor and vapor are sold in either 1.6 ohm or 1.8 ohm options. Please note that the 5 pack will work only with the Aspire Nautilus Systems.

The all new Bottom Vertical Coil technology features no-wick design and offers much longer life cycle, and better vapor production. Simply unscrew the bottom of your Nautilus Tank, then unscrew the replaceable coil head, screw the new one in and you are ready to vape in style. These heads produce tons of vapor, do not leak or gurgle, and combined with the amazing adjustable airflow control valve of the Nautilus Tank produce amazing flavor.

Key Features:

  • Much better Taste
  • Much more Stable
  • Much longer Lifetime
  • Much more Vapor

    How to replace the coil unit?

  • Screw off the bottom base.
  • Screw off the old coil unit from the bottom base, put a new coil unit on it.
  • Put everything back to get a new working cartomizer.

    The coil unit can be easily screwed on and screwed off, so customers can replace it by themselves when it's burnt out or needs cleaning.