Evic Joyetech Advanced Personal Vaproizer Kit & Kangertech ProTank Atomizer Combo

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The Evic Joyetech Advanced Personal Vaproizer Kit is the latest and most innovative personal vaping system released by Joyetech. The eVic features a new display system which makes changing settings very easy. Users can manage their settings from any computer using the MVR management software. The eVic can also be updated through updates to its firmware. Instead of purchasing new devices, simply download and install the latest firmware update for new features and performance upgrades!

The Evic Joyetech Advanced Personal Vaproizer Kit is amazingly beautiful in design. The top of the eVic has a top cap that hides the 510 eGo connector and drip well. This top cap can be removed if needed. When the tank is placed on the device, notches have been cut out on the cap to allow the tank to sit flush and yet still get the needed airflow.

The head unit of the eVic is the brains of the device. It contains the screen, mini USB port and fire/enter button, along with its other electronics. The tinted plastic wraps all the way around the device, the OLED screen being on the front, the mini USB port being to the left of the screen on the side and the fire or enter button located on the back (opposite side of the screen). The button is a bit different from the normal buttons you see on devices, this one isn’t round and looks like it belongs more on a smart phone. The button gives the device a very sleek and modern look.

Features of Evic Joyetech Advanced Personal Vaproizer Kit:

  • Visual Operating System

  • Device Temperature Monitoring

  • Output Short Circuit Protection

  • Output Open Circuit Protection

  • Overtime Working Protection Low Voltage Protection

Functions of Evic Joyetech Advanced Personal Vaproizer Kit:

  • Power ON/OFF

  • Battery Indicator

  • Standby Setting

  • Puff Setting

  • Show Inhaling Count

  • Adjustable Wattage (3v to 5v)

  • Adjustable Voltage (2w to 11w)

  • Date Setting

  • Chart Analysis

  • Device Parameters

  • Battery Protection

  • Energy Saving

  • PC Operation


Kanger ProTank Clearomizer  - Clear Glass

The Kanger ProTank Clearomizer offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger eVod Clearomizers but with higer capacity and a glass tank, great for your E-liquid.

The Kanger Protank is 510 threaded and will work on all 510 threaded devices and Mod's without the need for an adapter. 
It also comes with a matching Ego Cone cover for Ego batteries.


  • Replaceable Atomizer Heads (can be used with eVod coils or vice versa see note below)
  • Bottom Coil for better performance from your eliquid
  • Pyrex Glass Tank for protection from harsh liquids 
  • Capacity is 2.5ml but it can hold up to 3ml if you fill it at less of an angle.
  • Comes with 2.5 ohms coils, 1.8 ohms


Bottom coil technology is built in to the Protank offering a warm and smooth vape experience. Just like other bottom coils we offer he coil can easily be taken out, cleaned or replaced when needed. One of the great features about the Protank is its Pyrex glass tank. The pyrex allows you to not have to worry about any liquids fogging or ruining the tank. The tank is crystal clear and beautiful allowing 2.5ml of your favorite e-liquid to be stored in it. Pyrex is real glass so please handle with care, if dropped it can shatter so please be careful. 

  • Design in terms of keeping the wick moist. Will ensure great vapes until it runs dry.
  • Made from Pyrex glass and high-grade polished stainless steel
  • Absolutely stunning design. Polished stainless steel built-in drip tip
  • Airways are pre-cut at the bottom of the tank so you can flush-mount the tank on any mod/PV without any gap
  • Can be  dismantled and reassembled for ease of cleaning.
  • Screw-in coil head can be replaced easily. 
  • Universal 510 threading. Can be used on all eGo batteries


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