Fluid eGo-V V2 Mega USB Pass-Through 1100 mAh

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Fluid eGo-V V2 Mega USB Pass-Through 1100 mAh:  

eGo V Mega 1100mah Black Variable Voltage Battery 1 - eGo V USB Charging Cable 1 - Gift Box 1 - User Manual   The Variable Voltage eGo  Battery allows you to change the voltage from 3.0v - 6.0v in increments of .1 volts. Battery also has an LCD display to show you the remaining charge in the battery.

The best thing about this battery is you can use it while it's charging, just plug the charging cable into the end of battery and vape away while it's being charged. You can charge using your computers USB port, using a wall adapter, or with a USB car adapter.

If you already have eGo attachments all you'll need is the eGo V battery and charging cable because all your existing eGo attachments will work on the eGo V battery. You can also add on attachments above to get everything you need to start vaping. If you don't have liquid be sure to check out our large sleection of Premium  Liquids.   The more voltage the more vapor! This is the smallest and highest quality advanced variable Voltage device on the market with adjustments from 3.0-6.0 V in 0.1 V increments. With the Passthrough charging feature you are able to use the battery while it's charging. The Li-polymer battery cell makes it the most safe VV battery in the market.  

Fluid eGo-V V2 Mega USB Pass-Through 1100 mAh Specifications:

  • 5-click on/off feature - Press the activation/power button
  • 5 times to turn the battery on and off
  • Compatible with CE4/5, Vivi Nova, DCT and other 510/EGO atomizers
  • 1100 mah li-polymer lithium battery gives up to 500 continuous puffs
  • 3.0-6.0V Digital voltage with 0.1v adjustment increments
  • Mini-Usb port for charging
  • Passthrough feature allows you to use while battery is charging

Voltage buttons with lock function to prevent accidental changing of voltage- Just press both buttons for 3 seconds to lock/unlocked

Fluid eGo-V V2 Mega USB Pass-Through 1100 mAh Details:

  • Model Name: eGO-V Mega v2
  • Type : Variable voltage  battery
  • Voltage range: 3.0-6.0 V(0.1 V)
  • Battery: Li-polymer ,1200mAh
  • Battery protection function: Yes
  • Button type: Hard plastic
  • Battery size: L129*17 MM
  • Weight: 62 gram/signal battery ;122 gram/with package
  • USB passthrough charging: Yes
  • Input : 5 V/ 500 mAh

The Variable Voltage eGo  Battery is compatible with all our 510 and eGo products except the eGo USB charger. This battery can only be charged with the supplied USB charging cable.

Do Not Attempt To Charge With An Ego USB Charger.