Kamry X6 Variable Voltage Kit

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Kamry X6 Variable Voltage Kit has a unique design that will definitely turn heads. This great 510 threaded battery will work with virtually all of your eGo style accessories and tanks. This sturdy built battery will provide a massive 1300mAh capacity so it will last very long between charges and has a “no-nonsense” step-up variable voltage capability with just clicking a button.  No twisting, guessing or setting, just straight forward vaping.
When we say that this battery is built sturdy, we mean it!  From the moment that you unbox this beauty, you will notice the solid Anodized aluminum construction.  Although we never recommend to abuse or drop your vaping units, we can certainly say that this battery was meant for heavy wear and tear.
This battery has the 5-click safety function that allows you to toggle between power settings and also provides an on/off feature to avoid accidental misfiring.  Simply click the button 5-times to turn the battery on. Press the button 5-more times to cycle through the voltages from Red (3.2v)  Purple (3.6v) Blue (4.2v). From the highest voltage setting (blue) press the button 5 more times to turn the battery off again.

5-click cycles:

  • Battery Off
  • Red 3.6 volts
  • Purple 3.8 volts
  • Blue 4.2 volts
  • Battery Off


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