Kanger T3S/MT3S Base Replacement (5 Pieces)


Kanger T3S/MT3S Base Replacement (5 Pieces):
  • The Kanger T3S/MT3S Base
  • Replace your T3s OR the older Original T3 Base with this item, make the T3s/T3 brand new again.
  • Remember the T3s Base as shown here does not come with a coil head.
  • That must be purchased seperately!
  • Replace your base by unscrewing the entire base and then removing the coil unit
  • After that screw on the coil back to the new base.
  • You can convert your older T3's to the new style coil with this base, simple purchase this and some T3s/MT3s coil heads and you have a new compatible unit!
  • You can also use this base on the MT3 or MT3S! Just remember it won't be flush with the base as the MT3's have the metal cover over them.