Nemesis Clone By Hcigar + Kraken RBA Atomizer Tank Clone

type: Atomizer


Great Deal


The main tube on the Nemesis Mod features the famous Nemesis logo laser etched engraving on the mod's stainless steel body. And like any exclusive mod, each one of the Nemesis mods has an individual serial number laser etched engraved on the body tube as well.


The Nemesis mod comes with 3 extra battery tube extensions to be able to easily change the length of your mod and use different batteries sizes without having to purchase anything additional or worry about trying to find tubes that will match your Nemesis mod. The spare stainless steel Nemesis mod tubes give you the ability to use of all three batteries; 18350, 18500, and 18650. The Nemesis mod comes stock with the 18350 battery tube so when you're ready to change the batteries and mod length to either an 18500 or 18650, you simply attach one of the included extension tubes and you're good to go! The bottom button has an exquisite switch that easily fires as it was ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand. The firing button is located at the bottom and has a locking feature that can be collapsed by tightening the locking ring all the way down. By locking the firing button, it conceals the batteries vent holes which is perfect for on-the-go Nemesis mod stealth mode. The top cap ring allows for adjustable air flow which is one of the most important features in any mechanical mod. T

his Nemesis Mod is a 1:1 Clone, not a 1:10 Clone. It is a EXACT replica of the Nemesis Mod and the closest to the REAL DEAL money can buy. By holding, using, assembling, and dissembling both true and clone version you will find literally no difference in appearance or performance what so ever. Or at least we couldn't and we are experts in these mods.


Each detail down to the engravings have been miked (measured) and found to be in the EXACT locations as the true Nemesis mod. Even if you were to already own a true Nemesis mod, and you came down to test both true and clone mod at our facility, there would be just as good of odds that you would purchase this clone as the true simply because you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. You could even flaunt around your new Nemesis Clone and hang out with a friend that has a real one and no one would ever know the difference. It really is just that good. The reason we offer the clone version is for the simple fact that the average person can't justify spending let alone afford the price of a true Nemesis mod, therefore, if we carried the true Nemesis mod, we would have them for a very long time!




Brand NEW Kraken Rebuild-able Atomizer Tank Clone

This Genesis-style rebuild-able atomizer is made out of stainless steel with a 2.5 mL glass tank. With 3 airflow holes and an adjustable airflow control system, you can get the vape levels that you want. The center post has the serial number laser-engraved on it as well as the logo itself on the shell.


This device is compatible with the 510 thread connector and 510 drip tip.  It comes with the Kraken Atomizer and tank, a screwdriver, a stainless steel mesh, and a nichrome wire. It is 1.93" in height and .87" in diameter.