Organic Black Cherry Marshmallow E-liquid MED 12MG 1 oz 50/50

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type: E-Liquid


This flavor has consistently remained on the best seller list. It features a true black cherry taste paired with a light, powdery, marshmallow sweetness. Even customers who generally don't like cherry flavors tell me that this flavor has them coming back for more!  This flavor has no fake, chemical cherry taste, only true, sweet black cherry.

50% PG

50% VG

Like all of our e-liquids, it is flavored with USDA Certified Organic Flavorings. We never use artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. Our e-liquids contain nicotine, USP (pharmaceutical grade) vegetable glycerin, USDA certified organic flavorings, pure distilled water and nothing else. If you select the PG option, your e-liquid will also contain USP propylene glycol. Packaged in glass, NOT plastic.

Choose from 4 different Strengths: 

  • Zero: 0 Mg 
  • X-Low: 4 Mg 
  • Low: 8 Mg 
  • Medium: 12 Mg