Genuine Smoktech Aro Winder VV 1300 mAh Battery + Aspire Nautilus Tank Combo Kit


Genuine Smoktech eMax VV / VW 1300mAh Battery Twist Vaporizer

The Genuine Smoktech eMax VV / VW 1300mAh Battery Twist Vaporizer is the next step in the evolution of the eGo battery. Much like the Winder, you can adjust the intensity of your vape by turning the knob at the bottom of the battery. However, with the eMax, you are now able to switch between voltage and wattage! 5 clicks will turn the device on or off. Once on, 3 clicks will switch between voltage and wattage mode. The switch will light up white in variable voltage mode and blue in variable wattage mode. When the battery gets below 30%, a red light will warn you that the battery needs to be charged.

Wattage mode can be thought of as "Automatic Mode." Once you set your wattage, you can use atomizers of any resistance and achieve the same vape intensity, but without having to change any settings. The eMax has a voltage range from 3.2 to 4.8 volts and a power range from 4 to 12 watts. The eMax is compatible with all things eGo-related, including lanyards, tanks, clearomizers, cartomizers, atomizers and chargers. With the eMax, you're getting all the functionality of an APV, with the simplicity and form-factor of an eGo!


Aspire Nautilus Dual Adjustable Airflow Tank System

Aspire Nautilus Dual Adjustable Airflow Tank System is the next generation of tank systems. Made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, the Nautilus also uses the Aspire BDC (bottom dual coil) atomizer technology. The Nautilus has an exclusive adjustable airflow design that is revolutionary. With a simple turn of the lower ring, you have four options for airflow level.

Aspire Nautilus Dual Adjustable Airflow Tank System Features:

  • 510 Threaded
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 5ml Capacity
  • Replaceable glass tank
  • Replaceable dual bottom coil
  • 510 Drip tip compatible
  • 3-1/4"L x 7/8"D


+ Vapor Intelligent Case (Black)

Ego 510 USB Super Charger

USB Charger With Wire 4.2V 800MAH for High Capcity Ego Batteries

1 Input Characteristics:

  • Voltage
  • Input Voltage Range :DC6V-4.5V
  • Current
  • When the input Volt is DC5V, the Max power is 800mA。

2 Output Characteristics:

  • Output Voltage:DC4.2V±0.5V
  • Output Power: 800mA

3 Work Efficiency:

  • In the rated input voltage and rated loading condition, the efficiency (power output/input power) ≥50%.

4 With Circuit Protection Function:

  • With Over current protection function
  • Over current protection can be guarantee the products won’t damage in flow condition

5.Charging Indicator:

  • 1 Indicator: Charging showing red light。
  • 2 Full charging and no charging showing green light

1.External Environmental Requirements:

  • Working Tempt -10℃——+45℃ Store Tempt -25℃——+85℃
  • Working
  • Humidity
  • 5%——95% Store humidity 45%——85%
  • Detection Tempt 25±10℃ Pressure 70——106MPa

2.5: Drop Testing:
Height is 1000mm,Hard wood Experiment table thickness is 20mm, 6 surface, one testing in each direction.
After that to inspect the appearance、insulation resistance、dielectric strength and instruction again, the
appearance should be smooth without scratch、burr and others mechanical damage, exposed metal should be
no rust; No breakdown 、flash over phenomenon; insulation resistance>7MΩ; Instruction function and electric
properties is normal.

2.6: Plug Testing:
Before testing used multi-meter to test the conductive is ok, appearance OK . After assembly the products to do
the plug simulation usage; plug after 3000 times repeatedly to check the conductive OK、never retreat PIN、
broken PIN、appearance OK.

2.7: Insulation resistance testing:
Insulation resistance 500V DC voltage to keep 1 minute to test the insulation resistance won’t less than 100MΩ.

Now charge your Ego/510 batteries twice as fast as 420 mAh Chargers

Ego/510 Super Charger 800 mAh For charging your battery Twice as fast as Regular Ego Charger that is only 420mAh



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