Virgin Vapor Creme Caramel Organic E-liquid

type: E-Liquid


In response to customer requests we created Creme Caramel. This flavor tastes like gooey, sticky, sweet, and delicious caramel! After trying this flavor, most customers come back to buy the biggest bottle we have. This flavor will be best appreciated with a little time to steep to let the full caramel flavor come through.

Ingredients: certified organic, USP (pharmaceutical grade) vegetable glycerin, certified organic flavors in a base of organic ethyl alcohol, distilled water.  Pharmaceutical grade nicotine and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol if requested. 

Free of artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and artificial flavors.  Packaged in glass, NOT plastic.

If you prefer an e-liquid that does not contain organic ethyl alcohol, please choose from our Absolute line.

Choose from 4 different Strengths:

  • Zero: 0 Mg
  • Low: 6 Mg
  • Medium: 12 Mg
  • High: 18 Mg 

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