X9 Protank Atomizer with Plastic Tank (2.5ml) Resistance 2.5 Ohm

type: Atomizer


X9 Protank Atomizer is most Innovated ego series version. the glass surrounding provide best safety and healthier environment for fluid, the heating coil are placed at button which is are much better to heating the fluid, you dont need to always reverse the cartomizer all the time, and the heating coil still able to replace

Detailed information about X9 Atomizer:

  •  New innovative design with ABS material tank
  •  Bottom coil atomizer system
  •  Capacity: 2.5ml
  •  Replaceable atomizer heads (2 heads included in the kit)
  •  Life time of heating coil: 8000 time

X9 Protank Atomizer Specifications:

  • New innovative design with plastic tank
  • Made from plastic and chrome plated brass
  • Can change coil head, without spring
  • Can be dismantled and reassembled for ease of cleaning
  •  Need to reverse the atomizer ,when you add some e-liquid
  • Universal 510 threading, and can be used on all eGo batteries
  • Compatible for X6 /KTS / K100 / K101 / K200 mods etc

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