Zmax Mini Starter Kit V2 By Smoktech Starter Kit Stainless Steel


This is Revision 2 of the original Zmax. The first revision, while loved by many, had issues with running too hot due to means value voltage monitoring that was not at all accurate at the lower voltages. This caused the vape to sometimes give off a burnt taste. With the V2 model those problems are a thing of the past. Our ZMAX is the Stainless Steel Gun Metal version. You receive only the Zmax (no batteries) in a presentation box with a manual. 


  • The Zmax can take a single 18650 battery. (We recommend flat or button top IMR Batts—not Protected—as protected won't fit. Not all 18650 battery's will fit so we are not responsible for that). You can also use 2 18350 batteries. 
  • Adjustable from 3.0v to 6v in .1v increment; you can adjust the constant power/wattage output from 3.0 watts to 15 watts in .5 watt increments. 
  • The LED display will show output voltage, battery remaining voltage, atomizer resistance, power on/off, and LED on/off. 
  • Switch is rated at 5 amps and has 360 degree rotation so that it doesn't get stuck. 
  • eGo compatible threading. 

Error codes:

  • LOR - Low resistance indication - If resistance is below 1.2 ohm, the display will show "Low Load".
  • LOU - Low voltage indication. If battery is below 3.4 V the display will show "Low Voltage". 
  • WSC - Short circuit indication. 
  • Low Battery Indicator - push button slowly flashes red when the battery gets low and needs a fresh battery.


Note: Take the time to read through your manual to familiarize yourself with all the menu options, Keep it handy to refer back to when needed


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